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Yoyansh Yoga Fitness Classes is a one stop solution for all your health and well-being issues in this fast-paced and competitive world. We wish to serve one and all with the eternal power of Yoga and meditation. Today’s stressful life takes a toll on each and every individual and our effort revolves around expunging all your problems in the most natural way.

YOGA not only ensures your holistic well being and peace of mind but also ensures that you live happily. By practicing a Yogic Lifestyle, you would see that your actions are guided by your inner wisdom and not shaped by the outer world. If until now your life seemed mundane or tiring, with Yoga you will see dynamic changes within and around you. You have the power to change your life, monumentally and positively, and when you choose the Yogic lifestyle you are consciously creating a zen culture around you.

Yoga Courses
Group Classes
This interesting Yoga mix is focused on traditional practices and aims to provide you with the authentic Yoga experience.
Personal Yoga Classes
Can’t find the time to commit to a yoga class? Then enroll for these Private Yoga lessons and experience revitalising yoga session in the comfort of your own home!
Weight Management
Lose or Gain Weight without tiring exercise, and with food of your choice. After weight loss our exclusive Weight Maintenance Program help.
Disease Management
Yoga is a science as well as an art of healthy living. The traditional practice of yoga was primarily concerned with personal enlightenment. Today, the focus has..
Six Principals of
Yogansh Yoga
Weight Loss
We at Yogansh Yoga tailored some of the unique yoga classes that can help you achieve weight loss.
Balance In Life
A Yogic lifestyle teaches us to embrace both forms of balance, the physical balance and mental balance.
Boost Self Confidence
Self-confidence is something we all have to continually work on, and yoga is one of the best ways to achieve the self-confidence.
Strengthens the Body & Mind
Yoga will tone & strengthen your entire body, At same time strengthen the mind through learning and mastering the concentrations.
Learning the first two step of Ashtanga yoga that is Yama and Niyama will help the individual better manage his emotions and improve his relationship with himself and the society around him.
Increase Flexibility
Yoga poses for flexibility will help you lengthen and stretch your muscles in a safe, effective way. Regular Yoga practice can help you achieve good flexibility and mobility at the same time.
Boost Creativity
“The universe expresses itself as spontaneous creative energy,” Asana and pranayama & Mindful practice can help boost the creative process by increasing and directing the flow of prana, the intelligent life force, through the energy conduits in our body.
Improve Overall Health
Many studies have shown that yoga can decrease the secretion of cortisol, the primary stress hormone, which in turn can improve your overall health.
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